Managing Misconduct

  • 12 letter templates to help you manage employee misconduct
  • Sample Workplace Bullying Policy
  • 7–step guide to investigating misconduct
  • How to identify serious misconduct
  • How to minimise your legal risk when dismissing an employee

If the behaviour of one of your employees constitutes misconduct you may be tempted to simply dismiss them. (And sometimes dismissal is the most reasonable action to take when considering the best interests of your company and your workers!)

But it’s important you understand how to avoid any legal repercussions should you choose to go down this path.

This means having policies and procedures in place that outline:

  • how you expect employees to behave;
  • how to conduct an investigation into employee misconduct; and
  • the disciplinary steps you’ll take if an employee breaches workplace standards.

To begin with, you need to consider developing and implementing management procedures for dealing with misconduct.

You also need to outline clearly — in writing — what your company expects from its employees in terms of performance, behaviour and appropriate conduct.

To help guide you through this process, workplace relations specialist, Charles Power, has developed an important new resource that deals specifically with employee misconduct.

This 78–page eBook explains exactly what behaviour constitutes misconduct and provides clear guidelines on how you should effectively respond. You’ll find out:

  • 10 essential items to include in your workplace policies
  • 6 things to consider before conducting an investigation into misconduct
  • A 7–step guide to conducting an investigation
  • 3 potential alternatives to dismissing an employee for misconduct
  • How to minimise your exposure to legal risk when dismissing an employee
  • How to recognise serious misconduct and implement summary dismissal

Being able to respond to employee misconduct quickly, confidently and effectively — while minimising any legal risk — will help ensure the productivity of your business remains uncompromised.

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