Mental Health at Work

  • Your legal obligations in relation to mental health
  • How to reduce mental health risks in your workplace
  • 10 common myths associated with mental illness
  • How to prepare your workplace to manage mental illness

Mental illness is now regarded as one of the most critical health issues facing Australian society.

Some of the statistics being released are staggering, for example:

  • Around 20% of adults are affected by some form of mental disorder every year
  • Nearly half of the population will experience a mental disorder at some stage in their lives
  • Mental illness costs Australian businesses $10.9 billion a year due to absence and work incapacity
  • Mental health problems are the third biggest health problem in Australia, after heart disease and cancer
  • 25% of workers take time off each year for stress-related reasons

While this is a complex and sensitive issue, there is a critical role you can play in helping to create awareness about mental illness and to promote mental health in your workplace.

In fact, as an employer or manager of staff, you have a legal obligation to do so…

Mental Health at Work is a resource designed to help you identify, further understand and minimise the potential for mental illness in your workplace.

It explains your legal obligations in regard to mental illness and recommends ways you can work towards creating a mentally healthy work environment.

This 38-page eBook is written in clear terms by three leading advisers on risk management and workplace mental health. It will help you:

  • understand mental illness;
  • be aware of the effects of mental illness on your business;
  • understand your legal obligations in regard to managing mental illness;
  • identify mental health risks among your workers;
  • understand how to minimise mental health risks in your workplace; and
  • handle a situation involving a mental health issue in your workplace.

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