Managing Family Issues in the Workplace

If you manage a business of any kind in Australia, it’s important you know the rules when it comes to employees who have family responsibilities.

Not only will planning for work and family balance within your company help you run your business more efficiently, it will also minimise any legal risks you might face in regards to the rights of your employees.

Managing Family Issues in the Workplace is a 64-page eBook written by Employment Law Practical Handbook Editor-in-Chief Charles Power. It provides important information, checklists, letter templates and policies to ensure you are prepared for any issue you might face in relation to your employees and their family responsibilities.

It details all the legal precautions you need to take when managing family issues in your workplace and will also guide you through the steps of drafting Parental Leave and Flexible Working Arrangement policies.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in Managing Family Issues in the Workplace:

  • How to know when your employees are entitled to Parental Leave
  • How to calculate when your employee’s parental leave should start and end
  • How to go about changing an employee’s role while they are on leave
  • How to ensure you avoid discrimination when recruiting
  • The legal obligations you have to pregnant employees
  • How to manage health & safety risks for pregnant employees
  • The rights of your employees returning to work after leave
  • How to best handle a request for Flexible Working Arrangements
  • How to best manage an employee who is working from home

Plus, you’ll also get 12+ handy template policies, letters and forms you can download and start using in your workplace immediately!

These include:

  • A sample Parental Leave Policy
  • A template Flexible Working Arrangements Policy
  • A sample Home Workplace Health and Safety Checklist
  • A template Notification for Replacement Employee
  • A sample Parental leave Record
  • A template Request for Flexible Working Arrangement
  • A template Response to Request for Extension of Leave
  • Template letters for:
    • approving requests for flexible working arrangement
    • confirming arrangements for parental leave
    • informing employees of changes to pre-leave role
    • notifying employees on parental leave of retrenchment
    • transferring employees to safe jobs
  • And more!

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