The Annual Leave Guide

All Australian employees, except casuals, accrue paid annual leave progressively as they work.

As an employer, it’s important to understand how this entitlement varies depending on your workers’ employment situation.

To help explain who is entitled to annual leave, how it accrues and how it is paid, Portner Press has developed The Annual Leave Guide.

This 26-page guide is easy to understand and explains the different scenarios you may encounter regarding your employees’ annual leave entitlements.

Here’s just some of the information you’ll find in The Annual Leave Guide:

  • A clear explanation of how annual leave accrues, how it is taken and how it is paid
  • A useful table explaining how annual leave entitlements vary for non-national system employees in all Australian States and Territories
  • A practical flowchart to help you determine how much annual leave your employees are entitled to
  • How your employees can take annual leave and how it is paid
  • Over a dozen examples to help illustrate how entitlements vary under different circumstances
  • The 22 most common annual leave questions – ANSWERED
  • Annual Leave Policy template
  • And plenty more…

The Annual Leave Guide also contains 5 handy document templates that will help manage annual leave requests more efficiently. These documents are yours to download, edit and use in your workplace and they include:

  • An Annual Leave Policy template
  • An Unpaid Leave Policy
  • A Leave Application Form template
  • An Annual Leave Record document
  • Notice of the requirement to take annual leave

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