The Wages Guide

How to determine your minimum wage obligations

Managing employee wages can be complicated. But one thing is clear – all Australian employers must pay their employees an agreed wage. If you pay any less you are risking legal action and a costly penalty.

That’s why it’s essential for business managers and employers to understand all their wage obligations and the rights of their employees.

The Wages Guide  provides a snapshot of current wages legislation in Australia and is a useful guide for anyone in business who needs to pay wages. This 24-page eBook will help ensure your employees are being paid fairly and that you are not breaching any workplace laws.

Here’s just a sample of the practical advice and information you’ll find in The Wages Guide :

  • Your wage obligations explained in clear, easy-to-understand terms
  • 2 easy-to-follow flowcharts that will help you determine:
    • – exactly what minimum wage applies to your employees; and
    • – whether they are entitled to overtime, penalties or shift allowances
  • A simple 3-step guide to help you calculate an annualised salary
  • 6 vital requirements that must be met when making an Award Flexibility Agreement
  • The 6 most commonly asked questions about wages – answered!
  • And much, much more…

The Wages Guide  also contains 4 legally compliant document templates that you can download, edit and use in your workplace with confidence:

  • Award Flexibility Agreement template
  • Annualised salary calculator
  • Weekly timesheet template
  • Payslip template

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