Employment Law Practical Handbook

The comprehensive guide to Australian labour law

The Employment Law Practical Handbook is a clear and easy-to-understand guide to Australian workplace law. It is designed specifically to help you stay on top of ever-changing employment legislation, manage your employees more effectively and safeguard your rights as an employer.

The handbook provides important advice, valuable tips and vital information to help you tackle even the most difficult employment law issues in your workplace with absolute confidence.

Finding the information you need in the Employment Law Practical Handbook is fast and easy thanks to its alphabetical format… It’s written by a team of experts led by Editor-in-Chief Charles Power of Holding Redlich Lawyers and is updated regularly to ensure you keep up-to-date with any new developments or changes to legislation.

And if you decide to try the Employment Law Practical Handbook, you’ll soon see that you get far more than just a handbook…

As a subscriber to the handbook, you’ll also get:

  • Free access to the Workplace Helpdesk, where you can email our team of legal experts with all your short employment law queries and get a response within 72 hours.
  • Regular updates for your handbook to ensure you’re always kept 100% up-to-date with important developments and changes to employment law.
  • Access to a variety of legally sound forms, letters, policies and contracts that have been drafted by legal experts and can be implemented in your workplace with confidence.
  • A FREE subscription to our twice-weekly email newsletter, the Workplace Bulletin . The Bulletin provides plenty of employment law tips, news and advice to keep you well informed about any developments in workplace law. (You can also read past issues of the Bulletin on our website, www.employmentlawhandbook.com.au).
  • A FREE copy of the booklet, How to Stop Stress Claims Costing Your Company Money, valued at $34.95.

As you can see, a subscription to the Employment Law Practical Handbook gives you access to an ongoing service that will help you manage your business and your employees lawfully, effectively and easily.