What are the Portner Press business handbooks?

The core handbooks published by Portner Press are the Employment Law Practical Handbook and the Health & Safety Handbook. Both handbooks are comprehensive A-Z guides written in clear and logical language for use by Australian businesses across all industries.

The handbooks contain practical instructions, checklists and real-life examples to help provide solutions for all sorts of workplace issues, and they are regularly updated to ensure subscribers are kept well-informed about any changes in legislation or important court decisions.

The Employment Law Practical Handbook covers workplace and labour law and is fully compliant with the Fair Work Act and its most recent amendments.

The Health & Safety Handbook is a complete guide to workplace health and safety. It explains how to implement effective safety measures and is fully compliant with the latest health and safety legislation in all jurisdictions.


Who writes the material for the Portner Press handbooks?

The content for the handbooks is written and edited by experts in the applicable field; be it labour law, workplace safety or something else. Further information about the contributors to each of our handbooks can be found here:


What is the update service?

Each Portner Press handbook is regularly updated to ensure you are kept fully up-to-speed with any important developments and changes to the law. These updates will be sent to you or uploaded onto Portner Digital so you can be confident that your handbook is always 100% up-to-date.


Do the handbooks cover legislation across all Australian States and Territories?

Yes, the information covered in the Portner Press handbooks is written from a national perspective. Each handbook will highlight any differences in legislation for every jurisdiction in Australia.


What are the bulletins?

Subscribers to the Portner Press handbooks also receive a free subscription to an e-newsletter related to the subject of their handbook.

Subscribers to the Employment Law Practical Handbook will receive the Workplace Bulletin featuring the latest employment law tips, ideas, news and practical advice.

Health & Safety Handbook subscribers will receive the Health & Safety Bulletin featuring advice, tools and strategies to help keep your workplace safe and up-to-date with any changes to health and safety laws.

All Portner Press e-letters are completely free to sign up to – simply enter your email address in the appropriate box provided to the right.


What is the Helpdesk service?

All Portner Press handbook subscribers are given access to a free email helpdesk related to the subject of their handbook.

Subscribers to the Employment Law Practical Handbook will have access to the Workplace Helpdesk and Health & Safety Handbook subscribers to the Health & Safety Helpdesk.

Subscribers can email all their short queries through to the helpdesk and receive a response from an expert, generally within 72 hours.


What does Portner Press currently publish?

There are always new business resources in production also!


Are the handbooks and other resources tax deductible?

Yes, all Portner Press business products are tax deductible.


What are Portner Press’ customer service contact details?

Customer service email –  cs@portnerpress.com.au

Customer service phone –  1300 782 911 (free call 9am-5pm Monday to Friday AEST)