How to Develop a Safe Operating Procedure

Providing and maintaining a safe work environment is never easy.

You need to be able to identify risks, develop effective safety measures and manage their implementation indefinitely.

If you are responsible for health and safety in your workplace you have an obligation – not only to your employees – but to anyone who enters your workplace, including contractors and visitors.

Not just because it makes perfect sense to do so. But because it’s the law.

One of the most critical components of your safety system is your safe operating procedure.

A safe operating procedure is a written document that provides step-by-step instructions on how to safely perform a particular task in the workplace.

Having a safe operating procedure in place will help train your employees to work safely, help identify risks and hazards and, importantly, help demonstrate to safety regulators that your company is committed to improving safety in your workplace.

Understanding how to develop and what to include in your safe operating procedures is critical. That’s why Portner Press has developed this 18-page eBook…

In it you’ll find:

  • A practical 12-step guide to developing your own safe operating procedure
  • 7 key reasons for developing safe operating procedures
  • 4 key elements to include in your safe operating procedure
  • 15 questions to ask yourself when determining the safety hazards of a task
  • When you need to review your safe operating procedure

How to Develop Safe Operating Procedures contains 4 valuable documents that you can download, edit and use in your workplace immediately, including:

  • A sample Safe Operating Procedure
  • A Hazard Register template
  • A Health and Safety Document Control Register
  • A Training and Induction Record Sheet

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